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Module 1: Validation

Module 1: Validation

TEGvirtual Validation Module


Why you should always validate your business idea.

Validating your business idea is critical to success. If your idea is a bad one then you could spend precious time working on the wrong thing. Nightmare!

If you are building what ‘you’ want and not what ‘your customers’ want then you won’t sell anything, except to yourself.

Find out what your customers want as soon as possible, and this will give you the knowledge if your idea is a good one or not.

Customers are really brutal when it comes to what they want and they are not afraid to tell you, which is a good thing. Take all feedback as a learning curve and don’t take it personally, they’re talking about your product / service, not you, there is a difference.

The first month or so should be spent ‘learning’ and finding out what your customers want and are willing to pay for.

The essence of this is always provide benefit to the customer because anything else is waste, a waste of your time and a waste of theirs.

What follows in the validation module is the essence of validated learning and how to apply it to your business idea, so you know if you’re onto a winner or not.

Lean and have fun!

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